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Here’s a solution for those leaded glass windows – Window Film

You love those leaded glass windows on your home. You just want to perk them up a bit. We feel you. We proudly use eShield decorative window film. Just the solution for those beautiful, stately leaded windows on your entry door.

Decorative Window Film

Our line of decorative window film is just what you need. It beautifies the windows and it keeps the energy bill down, too. That combination of beauty and savings is just one benefit of our window film.

Here are a few of our window film designs:

  • Paris Frost
  • Reeds
  • Angelina Frost
  • Freeman
  • Monterey Frost
  • Belford
  • Wilson Frost
Energy Reflective Glass Coating

Here’s another window solution for you—our Energy Reflective Glass coating system. This glass coating system uses state-of-the-art reflective technology. The result is a lower home energy bill and unlike traditional window coatings, it doesn’t darken your windows transmitting 75 percent of visible light so you can maintain the views from your home.

Look at some of the benefits of our Energy Reflective Glass Coating System:

  • Blocks 94 percent of all infrared light
  • Rejects 99 percent of harmful UV rays
  • Available with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Protects your home furniture from fading and other damage
  • Highest rating for visible light transition and solar heat gain co-efficiency from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
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